Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clam Chowder (or Potato Soup)

courtesy of my dear mother:

Edna's Clam Chowder (or Potato Soup)
Dice & then steam or boil together:
10 medium potatoes (peeled or not, your choice)
1 onion
6 stalks celery
1 cup carrots

Mix white sauce in separate saucepan by melting 1/2 cube butter (or marg., but I use butter). Mix 1/3 cup Wondra flour into melted butter until smooth. Add 1 qt.creamer (I use 1/2 & 1/2 for good texture and flavor). You will have to experiment here with how much creamer to use. If it isn't enough for the sauce, add more, etc. . . Add Johnny's Seafood Seasoning and pepper for taste. Add juice from 2 (or 3 depending on taste) small cans of chopped clams here if making clam chowder. Omit clam juice if making potato soup. Continue seasoning w/Johnny's and pepper to taste. Let sauce simmer until thickened and until potato/veggie mixture is done. Add potatoes/veggie mixture to white sauce (add 2 or 3 small cans chopped clams here for clam chowder) and simmer until done. Enjoy! As with all family recipes, adjust to your taste and texture. I usually just eyeball everything so some of these quantities are estimates. ;o)