Monday, November 17, 2008

In honor of FHE night we ALWAYS have a special treat and so I thought I would share some of our favorites.

Banana Split Cups

1 package 18oz refrigerated ch.chip cookie dough
2/3 cup M&M's the mini baking bits
1 banana cut into 18 slices and halved
chocolate syrup
your favorite ice cream
whipped topping
maraschino cherries

greases mini muffin cups. Cut dough into 36 equal pieces; roll into balls. put into pan press onto bottoms and up sides of muffin cups. chill 15 min. Press a couple M&M's into bottoms and sides of dough cups. bake on 350 for 8-9 min. Cookies will be puffy. remove from oven and gently press down center of each cookie. Return to oven 1 min. Cool cookies in pan 5min. then move to cooling rack. Let them cool completely. Place 1 banana half slice in each cookie cup; top with ch. syrup and a couple more M&M's top with about a tablespoon of ice cream more ch. syrup, M&M's, whipped topping and a cherry!
Sugar Cookie Tacos
1 Package 18oz refrigerated sugar cookie dough
2 tablespoons cinnamon
1 cup whipping cream
1/4 cup sugar

2 cups of your favorite fruit cut-up

1. Preheat oven to 350. grease 2 baking sheets. Cover rounded forms such as rolling pins or cardboard tubes from paper towel roll with aluminum foil.
2. cut cookie dough into 16 half inch thick slices. Press each slice on a slightly floured surface into a 3 inch round sprinkle with cinnamon.
3. Bake cookies until lightly golden, but still soft, 7-9 min. Gently remove cookies from baking sheet and IMMEDIATELY drape over rounded forms (I found it easier to invert the forms, instead of laying it on top of the rounded form I put 2 rolls next to each other and draped the tinfoil over them pushing down in the middle, then I place the cookie in the middle, they did not break that way.... Clear as mud???? sorry)
4. Cool cookies until firm about 2 min. gently remove.
5. Beat whipping cream and sugar in large bowl with mixer on high until stiff. Fill each cookie with about 2 tablespoons and your favorite fruit.
from my Easy to Bake, Easy to Make recipe box


Anonymous said...

Those cookie sundaes look like so much fun. My girls would love making those, I think I have all of the stuff, so we could make them tonight!

Mindy said...

Wow- You're way more creative than I am! I don't think I would have the patience to make those, but they're cute!!

Woods: said...

What cute ideas! Maybe I'll steal them for next week! Yummy!

Laura Lou said...

Those are way cute (I'm Laura, a friend of Chy's) - soo creative. I'm going to try both!! Love this blog!

Ashley and Nolan said...

Ooohh, I am so glad you posted how to make these Chy, heaven knows I had my fair share when you made them for my baby shower!

Amanda said...
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Chy said...

Amanda- Just wanted you to know why your comment was removed. I was not sure if you left a comment because I did not link the source or maybe you just accidentally missed it. Either way, I kindly encourage you to reread a post before adding unkind comments. Also this is a "friend" recipe blog, intended to share recipes between friends. YES I do realize this is the internet and sources should be provided. That being said I surely hope you do not intend on correcting all of our posts. We clearly do not claim to be the "creator" of any of these recipes, they are simply our favorites. If you wanted the source please reread the last line in the post.

Casey Abler said...

Could you cook the cookies on the tinfoil rolls? Do the cookies get hard enough as they cool? Sorry, I guess I am just worried about them cracking. I am excited to try this recipe! It looks so fun. Thank you for sharing it!

DelMo said...

This recipe sound sooo gooood and looks sooo goood, I am going to have to try it. I am about clear as mud on the explanation of placing the rolls next to each other and whatever you said do after that. Sometimes I am a little slow to catch on. I sometimes explain things in a way that is not so easy to get also. If you can please explain it again a little differently....maybe I will get it. Thanks

DelMo said...

The picture of the fruit taco looks and sound sooooo goooood. I am going to have to try it. I am as clear as mud on the explanation of using the two rolls to shape the cookie. Will you explain it another way and maybe I can catch on. I have been told that many of my explanations are not clear. Thanks